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Feeling Frazzled

I feel as though I haven't stopped in weeks. I'm so frazzled that when I just made myself a coffee, I set the dirty spoon on the counter, put the kettle in the sink and put my mug of coffee on the kettle base. I could probably do with sleeping for a year or so. As you...

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Festive Knitting and Various Other Tales

I am feeling a bit out of control of my life at the moment which is why I haven't posted recently. I'm in between homes, I've had to move out of my house but my new house isn't ready yet, so I'm staying at my boyfriend's, and living out of boxes that are being stored...

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Finished Thingamybob Friday!

So I decided to start a new series that ties in with the WIP Wednesday I do on the last Wednesday of every month. It will be called... Wait for it... Finished Thingamybob Friday! (But you knew that already, because it's the title of this post. Lets scoot over that,...

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WIP Wednesday!

So somehow it is already the last Wednesday in November, which means it's time for another WIP Wednesday! Yay! This month I've been working on several things, and- shock horror - they're not all knitted! In fact, only one of them is. Crazy, I know. As knitting is my...

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My Nanna's Cardi

My Nanna had this cardigan that she wore all the time. I'd say 90% of my memories of her over the last couple of years of her life, she was wearing this cardi. She was forever freezing cold, so this was perfect for her. When we started clearing out her wardrobes, this...

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Motivation Musings: Vol 2

Last week a published a post about motivation. I was inspired to write it because I was feeling incredibly motivated at the time, and I was in a very "getting shit done" kind of place, which is not a hugely regular occurrence for me, but it does happen from time to...

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Motivation Musings

Motivation is a strange topic for me. Right now, it's 3:54am and I'm sat writing a blog post immediately after cleaning my kitchen, my bathroom, and my floors - this post will most likely not be published until much later, however. I had a migraine last night, and...

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Cross Over Scarf Sweater Pattern

The cross over scarf sweater pattern is now available for download! I've added a new "Patterns" page to the Navigation bar where you can access the pattern for download in pdf format. I will be posting new patterns here whenever they become available, so keep checking...

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Revisiting My First Ever Knitting Pattern!

This is the first knitting pattern I ever designed myself. It was my Final Major Project at University over 2 years ago now, and it was designed with the intention of of raising awareness of the significant benefits of knitting on mental illness and getting people...

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Lazy Sundays and New Toys!

I am having an exceptionally lazy Sunday, and I am loving it. I don't normally choose laziness, but I do have a tendency to be lazy which I often end up feeling guilty about. Today I'm not being lazy due to tiredness, I'm being lazy due to the fact that I WANT to be!...

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