If you’re anything like me, you hate seaming your knitting.

I know some people love it, and I know there are plenty of knitters who are also fabulous at crochet, and sewing, and weaving, and everything else they get their little mitts on.

I try, I really do try, but I’m just awful at sewing, and seaming my knitting projects is no different. I once knit a teddy bear who looked like he’d been involved in a major car accident after I’d sewn him up. Rest In Peace, Bentley Bear.

It’s safe to say, for this reason, I am a HUGE advocate for seamless knitting.

Over on the Blissfully Crafted Facebook page, I promised the lovely Sarah from Yarn and Blarney, I have rounded up my 9 favourite seamless baby knits!

1. Flax – Tincan Knits


2. Baby Sophisticate – Linden Down

I made this one for my beautiful niece when my Sister-in-Law was pregnant, and she looked SO adorable wearing it. It’s such a sweet cardigan, and it’s great for both baby girls and boys.


3. Classic Cuffed Hat – Purl Soho


4. Little Sister’s Dress – Tora Frøseth Design


5. Owlet – Kate Davis


6. Lush – Tincan Knits


7. Short Notice – Taiga Hilliard Designs


8. Baby Tri Peak Hat – Wooly Wormhead


And finally…

It wouldn’t be a Blissfully Crafted round-up if I didn’t include a blanket now, would it?!

9. Gramps Blanket – Kate Oates


So, that concludes my round up of my favourite seamless baby knits!

I love all of these patterns, and the beauty of baby patterns is that they usually knit up fairly fast too. If you’re like me and love knitting but hate sewing things together then these patterns will be perfect for you!

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