4 Patterns You Don't Need a Gauge Swatch For


This is the final installment in my 3-part series on Understanding Knitting Gauge.

In the first week, we looked at what gauge actually is, and why a gauge swatch is so important. Then in week 2, we looked at exactly how to go about measuring your gauge, with step-by-step instructions.

Now you know exactly what gauge is, why you need to be measuring it, and how to actually do the measuring, I'm going to throw caution to the wind and provide you with...

4 Gauge Free Patterns!

"Wait... what?! You just spent the last two weeks telling us it's an absolute, no negotiable element of knitting! Now you're saying it's not?! Make up your mind woman!" I hear you cry! (I didn't actually hear you cry that, I just have a vivid imagination...)

So, I know what I said. And I 110% stand by that. Measuring your gauge is IMPORTANT. Like big letters important. (You know there's a 'but' coming, right?)


It somewhat depends on your project.

If you're knitting a jumper, or a top, or a cardigan, or a giant onesie... basically anything you need to fit a person, you HAVE to knit a gauge swatch. I'm not joking, I'll hunt you down.

If you're knitting a blanket, or a scarf, or a project designed specifically without a gauge requirement... It's not as vital. I'm sorry for misleading you, I feel so ashamed. Kinda.

The reason for this, is that although there are standard measurements for items like blankets (especially baby blankets, have you SEEN how many sizing options there are for a baby blanket?!), is anyone going to notice if it's out by a couple of inches? Probably not. And if it's far too small, you can add a border. And if it's far too big, everyone loves a snuggly blanket so it really doesn't matter.

Some patterns are designed without a gauge in mind AT ALL. Usually, you knit until it reaches a certain size, then stop and move onto the next step.

As a devout gauge-convert, who despises knitting gauge swatches (I'm a hypocrite, I know), these are really the only type of patterns I create!

So without much further ado, before I waffle your ears off, check out the gauge free knitting patterns below to see if any of them tickle your fancy!

Gauge-Free Cross Over Sweater

I was just a bairn at University when I designed this pattern, which is why the photos are just so excruciatingly bad. The pattern, however, is still good!

It's a cropped sweater with a cross-over design. You just cast on enough stitches so it will cover your 'ladies', and then knit it long enough to wrap around your body.

Carried Away Car Seat Blanket - Erika Wine

This beautiful, multicoloured blanket is a essentially a square, knit from the centre out. If you've ever done any crochet, you may know that a granny square starts with a teensy circle in the middle, and you build on it from the centre - this is done in the same way and the effect is gorgeous!

Click to get the pattern.

Quaker Yarn Stretcher Rectangle - Susan Ashcroft

This scarf is awesome, as it starts from the corner, and is knit diagonally. You would cast on a very small number of stitches (usually around 3), and increase as you go, until it is the width you want.

Click through for the pattern.

Be Simple Shawl - Carolyn Glauz-Todrank

This shawl is an asymetrical triangle, with a beautiful picot bind off for decoration. It is strikingly beautiful and incredibly simple, and again, it doesn't need a gauge as you start with 3 stitches and knit until it's the size you want!

Click through to download the pattern for free!

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