6 Excellent Reasons to Start Selfish Knitting

6 Excellent Reasons to Start Selfish Knitting.png

I have decided I am going to focus on doing more selfish knitting.

Selfish Knitting Goal for 2017: Knit 4 Sweaters for myself

Selfish Knitting Goal for 2017: Knit 4 Sweaters for myself


I mentioned in Knitting New Year's Resolutions that I intend to knit four sweaters in 2019... And guess what? They're ALL for me. Yep, you heard that right. I am going to knit all four sweaters using patterns that I love, yarn that I adore and to fit my measurements.

So why have I decided to embark on this journey of selfish knitting?

1. Well firstly, the majority of knitters tend to knit with others in mind as that's just the kind of people we are. Un-selfish knitting is kind of our bread and butter.

Most knitters get asked to knit for other people a lot. It's hard to turn those requests down when they come from someone you love dearly and to be honest, it just racks me with feelings of guilt and obligation.

NB: It's much easier to turn the requests down when they come from a stranger who has just learned that you can knit, then immediately and obnoxiously asks "can you knit me a jumper then?!"

I can, yes. I mean, I won't. But I can.


2. Knitting for other people fills me with anxiety, and goodness knows I have enough of that already. Knitting is meant to be relaxing! When I have a deadline, or I feel as though I have to impress somebody, I stop feeling relaxed, and start feeling panicked and unhappy.

3. The majority of other hobbies are entirely selfish - and that's kind of the point. Excluding the other "home-ec" hobbies, like baking and sewing, hobbies are unapologetically self-serving; as well they should be!

Golf, jigsaws, tiny trains, crosswords, juggling, stamp collecting, spelunking (God I love that word)... People partake in all of these pass-times for their own enjoyment!

Knitting has an inherently motherly quality to it. Because of this, people tend to assume that it is executed completely selflessly, in the same way in which motherhood is primarily selfless!

4. There is little feeling better in the world than wearing something you have spent hours upon hours crafting, and hearing someone say "I love your jumper, where did you buy it?", and being able to respond sheepishly (whilst burying your smugness) "Oh, I knit it myself!" *Insert fake bashful smile here, whilst basking in the glory of your awesomeness*

5. There is little feeling worse in the world than telling somebody that you knit, and being asked "Oh your jumper is beautiful, did you knit that?!" and having to respond sheepishly (and burying your shame) "Oh, no. I bought it from Primark".

6. Finally, I don't like rejection. When you've spent hours upon hours crafting something from a single strand of yarn and pouring your love into it? How is anybody's reaction ever going to be sufficient?

I'd like to pretend I'm gracious enough to accept "aww, thanks!" and be happy with it... But I'm not.

If they're not weeping tears of joy, I'm probably feeling a little undervalued.

So if you've been feeling obligated to knit for other people, instead of working on that beautiful pattern you've had sitting in your Ravelry library for God knows how long... Consider this your permission slip from me to tell other people to take a hike (politely of course). Then take up your needles and cast on a deliciously indulgent project. I promise, it's good for you!

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