7 More Autumn Knitting Patterns

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Last week I brought you this post, which featured my 6 favourite Autumn Knitting patterns. If you don't already know (which seriously, are you living under a rock?!) Autumn is a knitters DREAM. All that yarn, those snuggly jumpers, oversized socks and warm fires? Need I say more?

Anyway, in my pumpkin spiced haze, I ended up finding yet MORE Autumnal knitting patterns, so thought I'd one up last week's post with 7 more for you! These patterns come from some awesome knit designers, some are free, and some of them can be purchased for a small cost.

So, without further ado, let's get into the patterns! (I swear I won't make you look at anything else pumpkin related after this post...)

Pumpkin Table Decor


So, first things first. If there isn't a pumpkin pattern, is this really an Autumn post? Nope, didn't think so.

Seriously, how cute are these guys?! I need about 100 of them. I'm pretty sure Bonnie and/or the cats wouldn’t leave them alone, but they're awesome, the pattern is free, and they're fairly quick and simple to make!

Sandbar Pullover

Every Autumn wardrobe needs an oversized, chunky sweater. If it's in Autumnal hues of orange or brown, even better. This beautiful Sandbar Pullover by Rae Blackledge ticks every box for me... Plus the pattern is free! How could you ask for more?!

Sin Miedo Socks

Hands down, one of my favourite things about the change of the seasons is the excitement of cosying up with some snuggly socks keeping my toes toasty.

These Sin Miedo socks by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud are no exception - they have a gorgeous cable pattern, the autumnal orange colour is to die for, and I can already picture myself snuggled up, wearing these, drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book. The pattern is $6 US, which is around £4.50.

Autumn Leaves

Whenever we think of Autumn, what comes to mind? The changing and falling leaves, of course. At least if you live somewhere with lots of deciduous trees, like we have here in the UK, anyway!

I'll be honest, I don't know how useful these gorgeous Autumn Leaves by The Sitting Tree will be, but they sure are pretty! The pattern description says they would make great coasters, bunting, or an accent to your nature table. I can definitely see them going hand in hand with the pumpkins further up this post! This pattern is £1.84, which is about $2.50.

Hooded Scarf

Where I live, Autumn gets cold. Like, really cold.

For us, it usually starts to feel Autumnal about 3 weeks before the season officially changes. Every year I find myself searching Google and Pinterest for "How to stay warm and comfortable and still look cute in cold weather". I'll be honest... I rarely have much luck. Most of these posts show women wearing mini skirts with knee-high boots. What about those 6 inches of bare thigh that will soon look like turkey skin?!

This hooded scarf, however, is seriously cute. Plus, with those plush cables, the hood to keep your hair dry, and those big ol' tassels, how can you go wrong? That's right. You can't. It's even a free pattern.

Super Chunky Fox Hat

Is it only me who thinks of foxes when Autumn hits? I don't know whether it's because of the colour, or if it's the fact that foxes tend to come out at night, and it feels like it is perpetually nighttime in Autumn in the UK, but I just always think of foxes in relation to Autumn.

This chunky fox hat by Louise Walker is incredibly cute, plus it will keep your ears toasty (whilst giving you an adorable replacement set of ears). Not only that, it's free!

Fisherman’s Rib Accent Pillow

I'm thinking of switching out some of my cushions this Autumn for some that are a little snugglier. This Fisherman's Rib Accent Pillow by Purl Avenue would make a super cosy addition to my sofa! Plus it's knit with a super chunky yarn, so I imagine it's a pretty quick knit, and the pattern is free!

If you would love to start knitting some of these gorgeous Autumn knits, but you don't know the first thing about how to knit, you're in luck! I created a free online course that teaches you everything you need to know to get started knitting - you'll be a pro in no time!

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