Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Knitters

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Okay, so PLEASE don’t hate me, but, I’m gonna talk about Christmas… I did say please! Time has really got away from me this year, I’ve feel as though I’ve blinked and suddenly it’s mid July. What’s that about?!

What I don’t want to happen, is for the rest of the year to get away from me, and for Christmas to creep up on me without me realising, then being stuck having not bought anyone gifts! Every year I say “this year I’ll start my shopping in January and spread it over the year”… Guess what? I never have.

Now I don't have any knitter friends unfortunately, at least not "in person" knitter friends. When considering that fact, it got me thinking about what I would love to buy a knitter friend as a gift, or what I would love to receive as a gift.

So if you are looking for gift ideas for the knitter in your life - which, let's be real, is probably yourself, (or is it only me who buys myself Christmas presents?) Then check out my ideas for awesome gifts for knitters below!

*This list contains affiliate links. If you click and purchase through these links you will be helping to fund my yarn addiction. It doesn't cost you anything to use these links, and every product I link to is something that I actually use. But you will be an enabler.

  1. Yarn - Now this one seems like a really sensible gift idea, but unless you know the recipient's yarn preferences in minute detail, I'd personally avoid buying yarn as a gift. (As mentioned before, if the recipient of said gift is in fact, yourself... Have at it, my friend. Treat yo'self.)

  2. *Interchangeable Needle Set - I've told you guys about these needles a million times over. You're probably tired of hearing it by now, but they are just. so. awesome. I bought myself this exact set around 6 years ago now, and it is the best investment I've ever made. If you're really wanting to treat someone, this could be a great way to go. If it was me, I'd love you forever.

  3. *Notions Set - There is a lot more to knitting than just yarn and needles. Notions, which are items such as, stitch markers, yarn needles, needle gauges, tape measures etc. are items that knitters always need on hand, but often misplace because they're fiddly little suckers. Why not buy your knitter a kit, that has all of the notions they could need in a handy travel sized box? This is great for beginners and more advanced knitters alike!

  4. *A Stitch Dictionary - A stitch dictionary is always useful. There are hundreds of different stitch dictionaries on the market, and most are pretty great. I bought this particular one years ago when I was first starting out, and it's come in so useful many, many times.

  5. *Project Bag - Knitting is the sort of hobby that can begin to take over your house. The kitchen and the bathroom are the only places in the house where my knitting hasn't begun to encroach. Buying your knitter a project bag in a cute print, such as this adorable owl print, is a great way of helping them to keep track of all of the different projects they have going on at one time.

  6. Yarn bowl - A yarn bowl comes in handy as it stops the ball of yarn from rolling all over the living room, right into the cat's paws. Lenny Mud on has the BEST collection of handmade yarn bowls, especially if your knitter is a little nerdy, like me. My favourite is the Game of Thrones one. "Winter is coming. Knit faster." She also makes all sorts of other awesome ceramics too.

  7. Knitting needle jewellery - Cardigan Lane on Etsy is another of my favourites. She creates jewellery from vintage acrylic knitting needles. I've mentioned them on my blog before because they are just so stinkin' cute.


So, that concludes my roundup of gift ideas for knitters, whether for Christmas, birthday's or Tuesdays, I'm sure the knitter in your life (you) would love to receive any of these awesome pressies. And hey, if you're feeling generous and want to buy me any of them, I'd probably let you. I really want the yarn bowl. Just FYI.

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