How to Insert and Use Afterthought Lifelines

How to Insert and Use Afterthought Lifelines.png

In this post, we are looking at afterthought lifelines.

I recently wrote a post all about lifelines in knitting. We looked at how you can go about inserting one into your work as a sort of "pre-emptive strike", against potential mistakes our future selves might inadvertently make.

That was a fairly popular post. Several people then went on to ask me what they would do in the event that they needed to pull back their work to a specific point, but they hadn't put that pre-emptive lifeline in already? Well, lucky for you, I have the answer.

If you haven't guessed by now, the answer is afterthought lifelines.

What you would do in this scenario is insert an afterthought lifeline. Then you would pull all your stitches back to that point and finally slip those stitches back onto your needles and continue working as normal. Simple!

I show you how to add in an afterthought lifeline in this video, and I show you how to use it as well.

I hope you found the video helpful and you've learned something new today! Let me know what you think. Did you learn something you didn't know, or is this something you've used for a long time?

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