10 Reasons You Should Start Knitting

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You're looking for reasons why you should start knitting.

You've been thinking about it and you've seen some patterns that you think are cute, and want to have a go yourself.

Because time is a commodity that you don't have a great deal of to spare, you need reassurance that it will actually be worth it!

I'm here to tell you that you should start knitting. First of all;

1. It's FUN!

Does this really need more explanation? I didn't think so, let's move on.

2. It's creative


Everyone is creative. Even those people who think that they're not.

Sometimes you need to find the right "type" of creative outlet for you, and knitting tends to be an awesome all rounder.

It can either be incredibly free and unconstrained, or it can be very structured and by-the-book. The latter tends to be my style. Either way, it's still creative - structured doesn't mean uninspired!

The beauty of knitting is that you get to choose the final outcome. When you go to a shop to buy a sweater you are limited by the colours and styles the store has chosen for you. When you make your own you become the designer which puts you in charge of those things. 

3. It's useful


You can create beautiful practical items; from socks to keep your feet warm, to bags to carry the rest of your knitting in. Not to mention the huge array of jumpers, cardigans and jackets you can knit; a very useful skill if you live in the United Kingdom, let me tell you!

Plus, when the zombie apocalypse hits you'll never be cold, or without friends. Win!

4. It makes wonderful gifts

Imagine gifting a beautiful heirloom blanket to a loved one who is going to have a baby. That gift is full of love and sentiment, that will never be discarded like it would if it were from a mass produced chain. It will most likely get passed on through the generations. I have blankets that my Great Grandmother knit, and they will go to my children one day.

It doesn't just have to be for a baby either, you could knit a toasty hat and gloves set for someone with a Winter birthday, or a jumper for Christmas.

Just think how happy you would be to receive a handcrafted gift, over another pair of socks.

NB: While mass produce socks rarely make a good present, hand-knitted socks make a fab gift, just sayin'. Not all socks are made alike.

5. It's good for your mental health

The repetitive nature of the stitching can be very meditative and soothing.

Creating something tangible with your own hands can be incredibly uplifting and can do wonders for your self-esteem, which is often helpful when dealing with mental health issues.

There is no end to the anecdotal evidence out there regarding the wonderful benefits of knitting and crafting on mental health; from personal experience, I can say that it definitely can help.

If you want to look deeper into how knitting can be beneficial for your Mental Health, visit Stitchlinks; "the home of therapeutic knitting".  There is research, anecdotes, and lots of other useful information.


6. It keeps the brain young

In much the same vein, knitting has the potential to fight brain degeneration and help keep the mind active.

According to the Mayo Clinic, older people who engage in knitting and other crafts are less likely to have cognitive impairment than those who don't.

7. Gratification

Anyone who has ever created something with their own hands knows the feeling of pride and gratification that comes with a finished thing. Even if it's not perfect, it feels good to realise you are more capable than you once believed, which can do wonders for the self-esteem (see point 5).

There is no feeling better than getting asked where you got your cardigan and be able to respond, "oh, I made it myself. No biggie!"

8. It's relaxing

You've had a hard day at work, your boss was on your back all day, you spilt coffee down your shirt and you've got home to find that the dog has chewed up your sofa.

Luckily, knitting is great for taking the edge off of those "I'm about to kill someone" feelings you occasionally (or regularly) get!

In conclusion, you should put your shirt in the wash, throw a blanket over the chewed up sofa and get a cup of tea (or gin). Put on some good music or your favourite TV show, and just do a few rows of knitting. I guarantee you will feel calmer (even just a little bit!)

9. You get to buy lots of yummy yarn


This might not sound very exciting to you right now, but trust me, once you've learned to knit, you won't be able to stay out of the yarn shop!

10. It stops people from sitting next to you on the bus

Which let's be real, when I used to have a 90-minute commute, it was the main reason I did it...

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