Top 5 Favourite Knitting Projects

Top 5 Favourite Knitting Projects.png

Just recently I've been thinking about my favourite types of knitting projects, as I was stuck trying to figure out something to do with my remaining yarn stash.

I've been saying to myself for ages now that I'm going to start knitting a pair of socks, especially as a few months back I purchased the Toe Up Socks class by Donna Druchanas on Craftsy, which I found really interesting and inspiring. For some reason however, I've just never actually followed through with my sock knitting goal.

Infinity Scarves

Not scarves, or cowls but the super long, wrap-around-at-least-3-times snoods. I especially like them when they're made out of lusciously soft lace weight yarn with stunning intricate lace detail.

I really love this Laced Infinity Scarf, by Britni Sherfield (below).



I don't wear hats, which makes this an odd one, but they knit up fast, they make brilliant gifts, and they're incredibly versatile with hundreds of pattern options and styles.

Try my Bow Beret and Mitts pattern, shown below.


Baby clothes

I never made baby clothes until I found out I was going to be an Aunt, but since making the most adorable baby cardigan EVER I've discovered a new found love for making baby clothes. They knit fast, yet they're full garments, which makes them a very satisfying knit. Plus, they're mega cute.

My favourite is the Baby Sophisticate cardigan, by Linden Down (below).



I love knitted sweaters, but they can be quite time consuming to knit and they can be intimidating to a newbie knitter! Take a look at this simple Crossover
Scarf Sweater
pattern that involves no shaping what-so-ever!


They're practical, they're cosy, and they're great for making use of leftover yarn. My absolute favourite thing about knitting (or crocheting) blankets, is that I get to snuggle under it as I make it, rendering it an excellent project for Winter!

One of my favourites is the Garter Squish blanket by Stephen West (below).


So tell me in the comments below, what sorts of projects do you find yourself gravitating towards? Do you have any favourite things you like to knit?

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