Yarn Stash Busting: Top 5 Stash Busting Projects

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Yarn Stash Busting Round Up

Do you ever start to feel as though you're drowning in your yarn stash? I know I certainly do! It's difficult when there's so much delicious yarn out there for the picking, with so little time for the knitting!

Sometimes you can begin to feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of fibre you've managed to accumulate. If you're anything like me, you start getting itchy fingers with the desire to bust your stash (primarily to make room for more, naturally!)

In this post, I will show my top 5, all-time favourite yarn stash busting projects (I'll warn you now, there's more than one blanket in this list- they are just fab for eating up yarn!)

I'll also give links to the patterns, so you can begin whittling down your wool collection! So, starting with number one...

1. Garter Squish Blanket - Stephen West (Ravelry)


This is my all time favourite pattern, period.

It is an absolutely fantastic yarn stash buster, but aside from that, it's just downright fabulous. It's super simple to knit, and the options are endless.

As the name suggests, it knits up into a soft, squishy, super-comfy blanket that you will want to bury yourself in come Winter time!

It's by no means a quick knit, especially if you struggle with chunky needles, but it's worth the extra effort. For a blanket this size, it's much quicker than it would be if you were using fine yarn and small needles anyway!

2. TV Technicolor Blanket - Kristen | Cosy Things


This is a great project for using up your yarn stash, plus it's super simple! If you're looking for a mindless knit - which let's be real, sometimes your brain just isn't up to complex lace patterns - this is a great one to go for.

There's no pattern on the blog, but that's because it's so simple it doesn't really need one! In garter stitch (all knit stitch), you would just knit a series of striped scarves, then sew them together to create a blanket.

It's also a really good one exercising your creativity; you can knit the stripes in whatever colours or thicknesses takes your fancy!

3. Hanging Toy Bag


This is an incredibly cute and practical knit for those of you with kids. It is a hanging bag for storing all of their toys and keeping them off the floor.

The pattern isn't written in English, but again, it's all knitted in garter stitch, and there's a really clear diagram showing you how to put it all together.

No more standing on legos for you! Yay!

4. Fiddly Bits - Jana Pihota


This a free pattern on Ravelry for a gorgeous scrappy cowl.

This one is fab for both either full balls of yarn from your stash that you have no idea what to do with or for the scraps of yarn you have left over from other projects.

It's essentially just a long scarf knitting in stocking stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row), then sewn together to make a circle or an "infinity scarf".

As with the TV Technicolor Blanket, the way you work the colours in is entirely up to you, so it's really creative, as well as easy and practical!

5. It's a Cinch Head Wrap and Collar - Elisa McLaughlin


This is such a cute pattern and one that I've made lots of times, both as gifts and for myself.

It is super quick and easy to knit, really cosy for Winter, and it makes a lovely gift! Because it's so quick to make, you can whip up loads of them in time for Winter and Christmas! Or if you've forgotten someone's birthday. Not that you would ever do that, of course.

Your secret is safe with me...

So, now you've seen my favourite yarn stash busters, I'd love for you let me know which of these YOU would most like to knit? If you have any favourites that aren't in this list, let me know and I'll check them out! Sharing is caring!

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