Yarn Weight Conversion Chart

Yarn Weight Conversion Chart.png

Knitting is awesome.

I think we're all agreed on that fact, yes?

The beautiful thing about knitting is that it's pretty universal. Sure, there are different types of knitting, English, Continental and Portuguese. Then there's Tunisian Crochet, which is somewhat of a crochet/knitting hybrid. With all that variation, however, for the most part, the outcome is the same (except for Tunisian Crochet, which is an entity all of its own).

Personally, I think the universality of knitting is awesome. The fact that people from all corners of the globe can sit down and share a common love with others, and also connect to a rich and deep tradition and history... That's simply mindblowing to me! Especially when you consider the internet, and the amazing way it's brought those knitters from across the world together. I have readers from all over our little planet, from Canada to Russia, to New Zealand, even to Zimbabwe, and Vietnam! Isn't that just unbelievable?!

The one thing I find SUPER frustrating about this fact, however, is that different countries have different names for the same thing. That tends to make navigating the knitting world more complex than necessary, especially for newbie knitters!

I wanted to make this process a touch simpler for you. I've popped together a yarn weight conversion guide, that should make the process of choosing your yarn a little more streamlined!

Yarn Weight Conversion Chart


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